Greetings and well met.

 I'm a artist, writer, musician, photographer, and videographer living and working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. A connoisseur of both High and Low art, Godzilla lore, Metal/Punk/Goth music & culture, and Alpacas. And, of course, cats.

Over the past decade I've worked on a myriad of short and feature films, commercials, videos, and TV shows, in many different capacities including: Production Assistant, Art Assistant, Prop Master, Grip, Gaffer, Editor, Camera Operator, Associate Producer and Director. I have earned dual Associate Degrees in Video Production and Multimedia, and look forward to continuing my education at some point in the future.

Themes that run through my work...

Darkness. And nature juxtaposed against man and all his failures. Sometimes victories, sometimes stalemates. Sex. Drugs. Music. The underworld and the underground. Personal microcosm, personal apocalypses. Stories, tales, emotional colors and what is left behind when they seep from the world. Emptiness, mystery and melancholy and desire. Travel, fleeting joy and satisfaction, or near death orgasm. And perhaps, occasionally, hope. Native imagery and its accompanying folklore, legends and traditions. My heritage (Paiute/Shoshone) is ever a part of my work. Movement by design, movement AS the design. Something frozen while the world moves on. Silhouettes as a way to exorcise demons,  angles and angels to make things more interesting or confusing or uneasy. This makes sense to me, since I express those emotions through my work. If I have done this in even a small way, I have accomplished something at least.