BEWITCHER- TOO FAST FOR THE FLAMES (Shadow Kingdom Records)- Music video by Portland Or. metal artists Bewitcher that I edited and shot the prologue for. Fast and fun, and has an interesting look as we were going for an 80’s VHS feel, so I had the final edit done, kicked out a digital copy, burned that to a DVD, transferred that to a VHS tape, then re-digitized said tape while adjusting tracking on the fly.

UADA- DEVOID OF LIGHT (Eisenwald Records). Music video by Northwestern Black Metal artists UADA that I directed and edited, among other things. A rainy, muddy, and ultimately, wonderful experience. The band and crew went above and beyond for this one and I believe that it's visible in the finished work.


2015 REEL- This is my 2015 reel, the last reel that I’ve worked on. I’ve considered doing another one, as I’ve done SO much since then, but time is hard to come by! Cameras used include my old reliable Canon T3i, Canon C100, Canon 7D and the Panasonic AG-AF100.

IN THE SPIRIT- I was Co-Director and camera operator on this video by my friend and business partner Kunu Bearchum, aka, "STRYK-9".

STRONGHOLD- Short film I wrote/directed/did some camera on some years back. It never got beyond this rough cut, but I think it's still fun and kinda weird and interesting.

METALESQUE PROMO- Shot this promo for the amazing Portland Or. heavy metal burlesque troupe.